15 agosto, 2023
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Prepping for Move-Out Cleaning: Essential Steps to Follow

Steps to Take Before Scheduling a Move Out Cleaning Service

Looking to prepping for move-out cleaning? We’ve compiled a checklist of tasks you should complete before booking a cleaning service for your relocation, ensuring you make the most of the service!

Organize Your Belongings

The cleaning team’s focus is on cleaning, not organizing. To avoid confusion, pack up your belongings in advance and ideally transport them to your new home.

Dispose of Unwanted Items

While a house cleaning team will make your home clean, they won’t handle items that aren’t clearly marked as trash or in need of cleaning. Before the cleaning team arrives, dispose of old or broken items you no longer need through donation or proper disposal. This prevents confusion and potential loss of items mistaken for trash.

Address Necessary Repairs

Have you left holes or marks on your walls from hanging art or photos? If so, it’s important to fix and conceal the damage, especially if you’re leaving a rented property where your security deposit could be at risk.

Move-Out Cleaning | Restore Wall Paint

If your wall paint is chipped or you’ve painted the walls a different color, consider repainting them to their original color before moving out. This is crucial, especially if you painted without permission, as it could impact the return of your security deposit.

Repair or Replace Flooring

If your carpet is worn or your flooring is damaged, take the initiative to repair or replace these elements before the cleaning team arrives.

Inquire About Move-Out Cleaning Costs

For larger homes or extensive cleaning tasks, it’s wise to inquire about the cost of the cleaning service upfront. Obtain an estimate for the cleaning team’s services. If budget is a concern, tackle as much cleaning as you can on your own to minimize their time.

Remove Wall Nails & Hooks

To ensure safety and avoid accidents, remove any nails and hooks from the walls before the cleaning crew arrives.

Verify Household Systems

Before departing, ensure that all household systems are functioning properly. Take a quick tour of the house to check the water, electrical, and gas systems. If any issues arise, contact a maintenance company for assistance.

Inspect Cleaning Appliances

If you’re leaving a rental property, inspect your appliances to ensure they’re in good working condition. If not, reach out to the maintenance company for necessary repairs.

Supply Move-Out Cleaning Equipment

While most cleaning companies bring their own supplies, it’s a good idea to double-check. If they don’t provide everything you need or lack specific products you prefer, make sure to acquire them in advance. If you prefer eco-friendly products, request their use or provide them yourself.

Concluding Thoughts on Prepping for Move-Out Cleaning

Moving out can be stressful, but finding the right move out cleaning service doesn’t have to be. By following the guidelines outlined in this article, you can adequately prepare for your cleaning service!

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